Digital Radio Product



  • Open Source Hardware
  • Raspberry Pi CM3+ 16GB
  • Quectel GPS patch with SMA jack
  • 3x I2C accessory ports
  • 4x20 LCD display
  • 4x buttons
  • Composite video
  • 12V-30V DC in
  • RTC with battery and ID
  • USB switch for OTG access
  • Multi-transaction, multi-translational USB backplane
  • Bosch BMP388 Pressure Sensor
  • ADC for solar and battery voltages
  • Mini PCIe Slot for LTE (USB Mode Only)
  • 802.11n WiFi USB module
  • Iridium 9603 satellite port
  • U.FL to SMA stress relief
  • 5x Arduino ATMega32u4
  • 5x RFM69 or RFM95 (FSK or LoRa)


  • Open Source Software
  • SensorGnome
  • CTT Digital Radio Tag Receiver
  • Funcube and RTL-SDR Support
  • Data Upload
  • Health Reports
  • Data Collection Capability

  • Join us with the Internet of Wildlife™: worldwide coverage area of over 1,000 receiving stations
  • Compatible with the Motus network
  • Compatible with CTT’s Internet of Wildlife solutions
  • Data viewable directly in CTT Data Portal