A sample of the solar recharging GPS-GSM units from CTT with internal antenna ES-400 series

Research-grade equipment for every application

Whether you are writing a grant to start your first project or maintaining a fleet on a long-term study, finding the right equipment can be challenging. Our product team will help you find the right pairing for your species. Click here to contact us.

Telemetry Research

Need something special? Designing telemetry equipment requires a delicate balance between power, weight, and capabilities. Thanks to Cellular Tracking Technologies' investments in telemetry R&D, we provide the most data with the fewest compromises in the right format for your species.

GSM Cellular, Argos Satellite, and Radio

We have agreements with over 400 GSM carriers around the world, as well as global Argos satellite technology. In addition, our signals can be received by the Motus network.

GPS, Accelerometry, Inertial Measurements, and More

The telemetry data you analyze is only as good as the sensors collecting the data. We have years of experience connecting sensors with the precisely tuned software necessary to maximize the quality of your data.

Cloud Portal

Easily manage your trackers, analyze your data, and visualize movement in our cloud portal. Make decisions for your data collection, export to MoveBank, download data, see your animals' movement and activity, and perform administrative tasks.

Small birds like Sanderling are tagged once and studied for multiple years with CTT LifeTag

The future of small trackers is now!

Through a long-term research partnership with the Cornell University Technology for Animal Biology and Environmental Research Lab (TABER), Cellular Tracking Technologies is proud to bring the LifeTag(TM) series of small animal trackers to the market.

This groundbreaking technology allows 0.4g trackers to last for the lifetime of your subjects. Be the first to document fine scale movement of small critters. These unprecedented capabilities are a game changer for studies ranging from migratory tracking to habitat utilization studies.

You Are the Best Part of Our Job

Nothing makes our team more excited than helping you make your research a success. Not sure which CTT gear is right for your project? Take 20-30 minutes to talk with us.

Latest News

CTT Data Tools – Part 1

Welcome to a walk-through of what's available in the R data tools! Upon forking and cloning the GitHub repository, use the .Rproj file to launch

CTT innovation is leading to new research capabilities for herpetologists
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