Digital Radio Product



  • Over 4 billion unique digital IDs
  • Each LifeTag has globally unique ID
  • Transmits every 2 seconds
  • FSK modulation
  • One global frequency
  • Solar panel optimized for low light and shaded conditions
  • No battery
  • As low as 0.45g

Attachment Methods

  • Backpack
  • Collar
  • Glue-on
  • Rappole/Leg Loop
  • Harness
  • Data Collection Networks

  • Internet of Wildlife™ worldwide coverage area of over 1,000 receiving stations
  • Compatible with the Motus network
  • Compatible with CTT’s Internet of Wildlife solutions
  • Can be received by Evolution Series 400 and 500 mammal, eagle and vulture tracker units with LifeTag receiver option
  • Data viewable directly in CTT Data Portal