CTT Node

Digital Radio Product



  • Compatible with LifeTag, PowerTag and HybridTag
  • Compatible with SensorStation
  • Over 4 billion unique IDs
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • 100% digital system
  • GPS auto positioning


  • High power solar panel on top
  • External antenna
  • Waterproof, weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting strap for T post or conduit
  • Can be sold without housing for custom solutions
  • Node Processor

  • Records tag ID, time stamp, signal strength and telemetry data (when applicable, e.g. from the ES-200)
  • Buffers data before retransmitting or optionally save data to SD Card
  • Transmits location, temperature, battery and other statistics periodically
  • Communicates with SensorStation and portable node interface
  • Optional Features

  • Waterproof USB power port
  • Nest box detector