Flicker GPS

Our smallest and lightest Cellular GPS devices, regularly leading to breakthroughs in tracking research on species previously too small to track with GPS telemetry.

Flicker GPS Backpacks come in three case styles:

FCH = Four-corner-holes, and represents our lightest units ranging from 3-4 grams

SHF = Single-hole Front. These units come in 5, 6 and 9 gram variants and have an internal cellular antenna and external GPS antenna.

QC = Quick-connect, our signature slotted attachment design that allows for rapid deployment. These come in a 9 gram version only. 

Our Flicker Necklace designs come in two variants, one with a 434MHz Radio Beacon  at 7 grams, and one without a pinger at 6 grams and 11 grams. These are great for grouse and quail!

Lastly, our Encapsulated Flicker GPS provides full waterproofing for attaching to species such as turtles, but will also work for diving birds.